Kim Yuna player was awarded the decoration of the Blue Dragon!

Kim Yuna player was awarded the decoration of the Blue Dragon

Kim Yuna player was awarded the decoration of the Blue Dragon in the 54th Korea Republic of Cheyukusan award ceremony. Culture, Sports and Tourism is 14 days, was awarded to the Republic of Korea Cheyukusan winner nine and physical education development merit’s 115 people in the National Museum of the Seoul Yongsan-gu.


Decoration of the physical education medal to award to physical education who raised the honors at international competitions Blue Dragon (1 grade), fierce tiger chapter (2 rating), huge listing (grade 3), Hakuba sheets (4 grade), giraffe sheet ( 5 grade), is divided into packaging. Decoration prime minister of Blue Dragon of Kim Yuna players that have been recovered from the ongoing national from the past 2014 years have finally been carried out this year, but not you do not have even slow feeling, I think that it was very good to become a winner of this year. And various international figures Championship winner and Olympic Winter Games gold medal, because it has led to interest in Korea physical education development and national field of sports, decoration conferment of this Blue Dragon of the large ball made a Kim Yuna players, in the course of the results It is internal medicine.



Kim Yuna player to receive the national Medal Moran market in Pyeongchang Olympic Winter Games attract Merit in 2012 “after receiving the decoration, to within seven years, not subject to the other decoration” is, to the provisions of the current of the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs based on, the Olympic gold medal so far of course, decoration prime minister of regrettable physical education Medal Blue Dragon also have a career in various international competitions winner except it have been.


While winning the gold medal in the Winter Olympics for the past 2014 years, a lot of people, but was expected to sport of decoration of Kim Yuna players, has been excluded from the award without a clear reason for the athlete with related organizations, this year “If the achievement is clear, an exception can be observed,” is, through the examination of this time to the proviso clause, it says that ultimately receive the decoration of the Blue Dragon. So far I we were distinguished service to the development of the Republic of Korea physical education as a figure player, of course, also decoration award of this Blue Dragon of Kim Yuna players showed me a figure of as unfortunate queen as various publicity ambassador is really proud thing I can not not.



Inbee park player who proudly won the gold medal at the 54th Korea Republic of Cheyukusan President ShoRyu Olympic women’s golf, which was opened today was awarded. Speaking a year sport 2016 this year is or not is at the very women world.


Currently Kim Yuna players, a variety of volunteer activities, of course, also still present in our beauty as a figure queen through various TV CF. Kim Yuna players went up also on top of the past 2011 years of economic magazine the most revenue in the world from the Forbes often female sports star 8 is of course the strength and toughness as a figure player, continue to participate actively in various donations also shows fine character, good looks of Kim Yuna players also active as a cosmetics model is either not more to further shine the inner beauty.



Decoration of the Blue Dragon of Kim Yuna players had surprised the whole world by kidnapping the first place every time to participate in international competitions of figure skating, as no exaggeration to say the bloom figure barren land Republic of Korea today figures of flowers, and the honors today as the sweat and tears of the players shed the meantime, I hope to be a chance to Kim Yuna players further development as the queen of figure that is more valuable.

How will the successor of Galaxy Note 7 will take place?

How will the successor of Galaxy Note 7 will take place?

Exchange and refund of the Galaxy Note 7, which is progress from today is the media coverage that has been promoted carefully under the cooperation of the consumer. That there is a sunny place, if there is shade. Samsung Electronics to launch 2-month discontinuation situation of this Samsung smart phone is, since it is necessary to the second leap, it is the solution, but ultimately do not become the Galaxy Note 7 subsequent model.



This until the country is of course Android smart global absolute this time of the Galaxy Note 7 abort situation of Samsung Electronics, which has reigned as the strong man of the phone, the biggest beneficiary, China Huawei, Inc., LG Electronics of competitors, competition Goods issue of V20 of the model has been aimed at the increase of the market share in such cuts, in the plans of Apple iPhone7 21 days come out the prospect that it might give a reflection profits, already home and abroad from one month before the smart phone of experts, the solution of Samsung Electronics due to the current situation, to ultimately restore the image that fall the launch of new products by changing the product name, such as Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy Note 7S, market share They sent me the opinion that must be re-enhanced.

However, subsequent model of the Galaxy Note 7 by the situation of this stop, the 7S without, or go to the Galaxy Note 8, or, taking into account the point that has moved to the Galaxy Note 7 in the Galaxy Note 5, the next Galaxy Note 9 you do not go to. However, in consideration of the wavelength of this situation is that too big, even eliminating brand of Galaxy Note, is either not born as a new brand.



The most realistic option is, Samsung Electronics, and look at the whole of the business plane, the next flagship smart I do not Galaxy S8 early release of the phone. Of course, further strengthening such as waterproof problem that shows the advantage in the competition of Samsung to the current situation in the mirror and Apple, even this time of the battery problem, after all if the same or similar, such as production line, a further inspection to strengthen, you’ll have success more dimension of high smart phone market. Correspondence of the current Samsung Electronics is not only to be a benefit of 10 million won worth of additional financial support when you replace the Galaxy Note 7 to the other product, completeness to compensation of no domestic consumer discrimination with foreign consumer It will be.

In conjunction with the appearance of the current Galaxy Note 7 subsequent model, it is immediately urgent problem is the financial difficulties of a number of partner companies at home and abroad about the Samsung Electronics smart phone. Although Samsung is I think the expected losses 5 trillion won due to this situation can be resolved in somehow group dimension, to many small and medium-sized companies that have over the life-and-death to the current Galaxy Note 7, the new model is released, There are also woefully worry or does not occur serious financial difficulties.



Galaxy Note 7 became this problem, I was to be the original Galaxy Note 6. By the way, Galaxy Note 6 in the wind that already Galaxy S7 was released before that is, those that have a recognition that spherical model has been in fear Galaxy Note 7 to have a model who, in this way empty smart phone either finish in, who would know really?

Kindly, Samsung is the starting point the situation of the smart phone discontinuation of this time of Samsung Electronics, as again review from internally based on the IT department Division, Samsung Electronics Lee Jae Yong, Vice Chairman, by this time, evaluate the management skills It will be a chance to be. Fortunately, the stock price of Samsung Electronics in these rated wind speed are those that are still stable, hope the immediate solution because there is no foreign investors who also still terrible upset.

Basic Concept of Prime Numbers explained Easy Way by Funny Math Clip

Basic Concept of Prime Numbers explained Easy Way by Funny Math Clip

If you or your children have any difficulty in Math, maybe they don’t know basic concept of Prime Number which is basic numbers to solve math problems.



Prime Numbers are Natural Number, and divisible only 2 numbers that 1 and itself. Prime numbers are basic knowledge to solve divisor and multiple numbers which G.C.D and L.C.M.

Here is a helpful movie clip which  says very easy and simply  for basic concept of Prime number.

I hope that you enjoy this math clip and happy! Thank you.


Divisor and Multiple Basic Math Problem

Divisor and Multiple Basic Math Problem


  • We are trying to make a square number by multiplying the smallest natural number to . Which natural number should be multiplied?
solution :

Prime factorization  . To make a square number all indexes are even number. So we must multiplying  and .

Answer : 


  • What is the number that has the most factor among these numbers?

(1)      (2)      (3)      (4)      (5) 

solution :

To find the number of factor, 1) Prime factorization 2) all index number  3) and plus that new numbers.

(1)   index  so number of factor of  is 

(2)  index  , number of factor of  is 

(3)  index  , number of factor of  is 

(4)   index  , number of factor of  is 

(5)  index ,  number of factor of  is 

Answer :  (4)